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The Global Conflict Sensitivity Community Hub (CSC-Hub) is a global network of organisations and individuals interested in the concept and practice of conflict sensitivity in the international humanitarian, development and peacebuilding sector.

We aim to:

  • Share understanding of conflict sensitive approaches across a network of local, national and international development, humanitarian and peacebuilding organisations;
  • Share guidance, experiences, lessons and recommendations for mainstreaming effective conflict sensitivity across a range of contexts and sectors disseminated to policy-makers, donors and practitioners;
  • Strengthen expertise and capacity amongst practitioners and civil society partners to institutionalise and implement conflict sensitivity, at headquarters and local levels.

We provide a platform for exchange and resources as well as practical tools to all actors who might benefit from integrating conflict sensitivity to their work. That includes, but is not limited to, humanitarian, development and peacebuilding practitioners, donors, national governments and the private sector.

The CSC Hub is coordinated by Oxfam for the 2023/24 period. To contact us, please email to: