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Conflict Sensitivity Hub Resources

How to guide to conflict sensitivity
(2012, Conflict Sensitivity Consortium)

Conflict Sensitivity: Taking it to the Next Level
(2016, swisspeace / Conflict Sensitivity Community Hub)

Conflict Sensitivity – Successes, Challenges and Priorities
Panel discussion on the state of conflict sensitivity at the Overseas Development Institute in London. Speakers from ODI, WFP, PeaceNexus, House of Peace, British Embassy to Libya and PCi.
(December 2019, Peaceful Change initiative on behalf of the Conflict Sensitivity Community Hub)

Webinar “Navigating the Nexus in Uncertain Times: Lessons on adaptive management from the DRC”
Sharing research from WV & ALNAP
(June 2020, WV / SDG16 / CSC Hub)


Conflict Sensitivity Resources

Webinar “CDA’s Do No Harm Approach to Conflict Sensitivity
Useful introduction to conflict sensitivity and its application in an organisational context.
(CDA / PeaceExchange, 2017)

Conflict Sensitivity – Meta-Trends Analysis
(2017, Nicole Goddard and Dilshan Annaraj from CDA Collaborative Learning Projects / World Vision International)

Conflict Sensitivity: Stories That Shape The Concept
Their Voices Paper, Issue #4
(House of Peace Foundation, 2018)


Resources on CS & COVID-19

Open Letter to Decision Makers during COVID-19
In an open letter, the CSC Hub addresses policy and decision makers to encourage conflict-sensitive responses to COVID-19.
(May 2020, CSC Hub)

Conflict sensitivity in responses to COVID-19
Initial guidance and reflections

(2020, Saferworld / Global Emergencies Group / CDA Collaborative Learning Projects / Stockholm Policy Group / swisspeace)


Conflict Sensitivity Considerations Relating to the COVID-19 Response in Libya
The note is intended as a resource to aid assistance planners and project staff to take conflict sensitivity implications into account when preparing to respond to COVID-19.
(2020, PCi)

COVID-19 Aftershocks
Without immediate action to protect people’s livelihoods now, the impact of this pandemic will reverse progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals, and irreparably damage the lives of current and future generations of children.
(2020, World Vision)


Further related Resources
from CSC Hub Members

Winning the Peace: Peacebuilding and Climate Change in Mali and Somalia
(2020, DanChurchAid, Norwegian Church Aid / ACT Alliance)