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Session 3 – Localising Conflict Sensitivity with Grassroot Organisations

Localising Conflict Sensitivity with Grassroots Organisations (Myanmar, Iraq and the Occupied Palestinian Territories), organised by Oxfam

12 October 2022, 14.00 – 15:30 (CET)

Conflict Sensitivity is often perceived as difficult, highly technical and burdensome by humanitarian and development practitioners in INGOs. Conflict sensitivity terminology, tools, analysis, reports and frameworks can be even less accessible to grassroots, local or community organisations with whom INGOs are increasingly looking to partner in an effort to shift power over development trajectories to the people with the greatest stake in its success. The practice of conflict sensitivity can also be seen as a continuation of colonialism in the aid sector, in which local information is extracted and reported up the funding chain to donors, informing little to no decision-making at the local level. This session explores Oxfam’s learnings from working with local partners on conflict sensitivity. It discusses what works, what does not work, and what Oxfam has learnt from its local partners. It examines what decolonising conflict sensitivity might look like in practice.

Three conflict sensitivity practitioners from Oxfam will discuss this topic in an online webinar event, sharing their experiences from Myanmar, Iraq and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. This will be an open discussion over 1 hour in which the audience are invited to share their experiences and discuss together with the panelists.

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