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Session 2 – Triple Nexus in Practice

Triple Nexus in Practice, organised by House of Peace (HoPE), Oxfam, swisspeace & World Vision

11 October 2022, 15.00 – 16:30 (CET)

Aid agencies increasingly recognise that if they are to maximise their effectiveness and sustainability in contexts affected by conflict, fragility and violence, their programmes need to move beyond conventional approaches to keep up and possibly outmanoeuvre the new and evolving security landscape. One such approach that is gaining momentum is the Triple Nexus, which promises stronger collaboration and coordination among actors from the fields of development cooperation, humanitarian action and peacebuilding. Yet, what precisely the Triple Nexus is, and how it should be operationalised, is far from clear. The session will demonstrate how organisations have been operationalising the Triple Nexus in practice and what this implied at the individual, project and organisational level. This will allow for sharing how cooperation across the siloes looks like in practice, dissecting first learnings and outlining remaining challenges. The session aims to increase the audience’s awareness of what is needed to operationalise the concept in practice, describing how humanitarian, development, and peacebuilding interventions that are closely intertwined can create impact on the most vulnerable populations in fragile contexts.


    1. Aida Hussein, House of Peace, Director
    2. Eyob Yishak, World Vision, Peacebuilding Manager
    3. Kalid Ibrahin, Oxfam, Acting Head of Programmes in Somalia and Somaliland
    4. Nora Schmidlin, swisspeace, Program Officer

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